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Freshmen and Sophomores
We offer meaningful advice that ensures that they take full advantage of course offerings at their high school and frequently suggest ways to augment their curriculum outside of their school.
The program is designed to help students and their parents navigate all aspects of the progression towards the ultimate goal of applying to schools.
First and foremost the senior year program begins with refining the final college list and formulating an overall strategy for submitting well executed applications in a timely fashion. 
Transfer Students and Student Athletes
Academic Advisors focuses on helping students to attain their education in a cost effective way and enabling them to attend schools that fit them academically, socially and financially.



  • Choosing Academic advisors as a sophomore to help me with the college process was one of the best decisions I made during high school.

    As soon as I met Ellen at the first consultation meeting, I knew that she had a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge about schools all over the country. She zeroed right in on the kind of universities that I wanted to attend and then we worked together to build the resume, increase my test scores and maximize my grades. As a result, I now will be attending Southern Methodist University, my dream school.
    Class of 2016
  • Ellen’s help was invaluable to me –

    Whether it was brainstorming and editing essays, figuring out to which schools I wanted to apply to or sorting out the details of the college admissions process, Ellen was there to support me. Having a counselor with much knowledge about the admissions process and specifically about the recruiting of college athletes was immensely helpful. Her individualized attention and enthusiasm made the admissions process enjoyable and organized.
    Class of 2018
  • We are all very excited about our son’s early acceptance to Stanford; Thank you again for all of your help.

    Two things really stand out to me as I reflect on your involvement with his college application process. First, I appreciate the time that you took getting to know his strengths and his goals. Taking that time to listen, and to get to know him enabled you to be very effective as you helped with the application process. Secondly, we learned that having an excellent transcript and test scores is not enough to get into the top schools. I believe that your skill in helping our son craft an overall outstanding application allowed his personality and achievements to come through and made the difference between acceptance and rejection at his top choice school.
    Class of 2018
  • Finding the right fit is the most important part of applying to colleges.

    Now, as a junior at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, I finally understand what “the right fit” means. Thanks to the expert advice of Ellen Weinstein, I am now moving towards a bright future in the area of entrepreneurship. In addition, I have taken advantage of the many programs through the business school at USC. I just wanted to say thank you one more time for helping me to research the schools to which I was applying and to narrow my choice down to the most perfect place around!

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